Kindercafé »Kinderwirtschaft«
by Yv. Beigel

Schreinerstr. 15
10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
In front of the Dragon's playground
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daily open 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Telefon 030 / 420 25 25 9 Wo


The playroom

There’s a noise, you can hear cheeky laughter from the right. Then movement, you can hear something sliding. Wait a minute, you recognize a tuft of hair behind a circular window, then all of a sudden 2 kids appear whizzing down the slide from the left.

Welcome to the playroom of the Kinderwirtschaft. Bordering the room is a 25 sq meter climbing maze, lovingly baptized “the wall” by guests and part of the interior designed, like the rest of the space, by Berlin architects "neulant van exel". The maze is a climbing coarse, viewing platform and competition site for mobile children aged 2-6 years.

Integrated into the climbing maze is a small puppet theater, which is used for readings and regularly holds performances.

Instead of an overkill of toys, the space promotes children’s self-awareness, interaction and communication; they feel free and enjoy playing in all the different hiding places.

The Crawling room

When little hands reach out and grab something, it becomes clear how much "touching" has to do with "understanding".

As well as the colorful ball pool, the toddler room offers a large decked area with soft pillows for lounging/feeding and provides a refuge shelter for little ones as well as chill-down opportunities for adults. 

This room also hosts crawling and nursing groups in the mornings.

… and don’t worry we will bring your order to you so you don’t have to take your eye off of your child.


Especially during the "muddy months", we ask our guests to take off their shoes before entering the play area. In front of the "chocolate corner" you will find illuminated shelves with baskets full of play socks that keep your feet warm and prevent slipping.


Please ask for the password at the counter.


Many guests enjoy our playrooms and give us enthusiastic feedback – but why the price of admission? It requires some effort to ensure safety and cleanliness in these areas, costs that we do not want to hide in the beverage prices.


Parents with many children get a discount (each additional child has free admission). We also have a discount card (Rabatzkarte) and with every 10th visit it’s free!