Day: November 8, 2020

The organizers of the phishing attack on Ledger users brought out 107 BTCs

A total of 107 BTCs were launched as a result of a phishing attack on Ledger users. This was reported by the Telegram channel Goldfoundinshit TM. The hackers distributed the bitcoins to two addresses: bc1qrzpl4y8qvpngkfqdh9apjs8maajp4fvkzk3exa – 51.9 BTC bc1qr93x4pwnwk9cqtp8jj0myqkwrudh9a0acjqxjl – 55.4 BTC Initially, the funds were accumulated at bc1q9g52wp96ndzma850jl2ncummwsxzrj0alwd6js. According to the Bitcoin Abuse Database, […]

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