Samsung & Savage Power Web3 Users with Polygon

• Samsung and Savage have joined forces to empower Web3 users with Polygon.
• Savage Smart TV Application will help with the smooth integration of an IRL display and allow users to access top-notch uploads from any marketplace.
• Polygon’s acceptance is growing with Defi applications, with over 53,000 decentralised projects featured on the platform.

Samsung and Savage, two major players in the digital world, have recently come together to power Web3 users with Polygon. The partnership will provide Web3 customers with access to high-quality photos and videos, as well as the potential to reach more than 25 million households.

The Savage Smart TV application is the platform through which Web3 users will be able to access and experience the collaboration. The app is designed to ensure a smooth integration of an IRL display, and also allows users to upload top-notch content of up to 8K size. These content uploads are also protected by rights-managed contracts that are embedded into the metadata.

On the other hand, Samsung will be able to leverage the collaboration to reach its enormous global audience. The company has been making strategic collaborations to maintain its reputation as a household name in the technology and electronic products sector. It has also recently announced an expansion of its partnership with Google to improve the experience of living in a smart home.

The partnership of Samsung and Savage is expected to benefit not only Web3 users, but also Polygon, which is quickly gaining acceptance in the Defi space. The platform now features over 53,000 decentralised projects and is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. This collaboration will not only allow Polygon to expand its reach, but also enable it to provide better Web3 solutions to its users.

Overall, the partnership between Samsung and Savage is set to provide Web3 users with access to high quality content, as well as a smooth integration experience. It will also help Polygon become an even more powerful platform, with increased reach and better Web3 solutions.