The organizers of the phishing attack on Ledger users brought out 107 BTCs

A total of 107 BTCs were launched as a result of a phishing attack on Ledger users. This was reported by the Telegram channel Goldfoundinshit TM.

The hackers distributed the bitcoins to two addresses:

bc1qrzpl4y8qvpngkfqdh9apjs8maajp4fvkzk3exa – 51.9 BTC
bc1qr93x4pwnwk9cqtp8jj0myqkwrudh9a0acjqxjl – 55.4 BTC

Initially, the funds were accumulated at bc1q9g52wp96ndzma850jl2ncummwsxzrj0alwd6js.

According to the Bitcoin Abuse Database, the address on 2 November contained 107.4 BTC ($1.5 million at the moment).

Recall that at the end of October, Ledger users began receiving a phishing newsletter in which unknown persons on behalf of the support service reported an alleged infection of Ledger Live malware and offered to install an emergency update.

The victims linked the attack to the July leak of personal information from the marketing database to about one million users. However, the purse developers stated that they have not yet been able to confirm this assumption.

Ledger is continuing its internal investigation into the incident.