Two exchanges flood London with Bitcoin (BTC) ads

Cryptocurrency exchanges Coinfloor and Luno have launched an advertising campaign in the London Underground and streets to promote Bitcoin (BTC). We can read on the advertisements: „If you see Bitcoin in the subway, it’s time to buy some“.

Bitcoin floods London

Since today, two cryptocurrency exchange platforms have chosen to launch an advertising campaign in the city of London .

The Coinfloor exchange has rolled out poster ads as well as digital billboards at major London Underground stations .

At the same time, the Luno exchange ran advertisements on 650 Greater London buses as well as roadside Bitcoin advertisements .

We can read on one of the ads: „If you see Bitcoin Benefit in the subway, it’s time to buy some“

Additionally, the Luno Exchange campaign in London is part of a global campaign that includes national television and radio in South Africa , the Lagos transport network in Nigeria, press and radio in Malaysia and Australia .

BTC occupies public space

This is not the first time that the English capital has been flooded with advertising for Bitcoin. Binance carried out an advertising campaign on Bitcoin (BTC) at London bus stops at the end of August . The posters showed older generations of currency and a pound sterling coin (GDP) followed by a representation of Bitcoin.

In August, London also saw the airing of advertisements for the HEX token . Richard Heart’s controversial project had run commercials on buses, taxis and in several London newspapers . The token was even featured on billboards for a Premier League football match.

In Asia, the city of Hong Kong had seen trams bearing the effigy of BTC for several weeks in September. This massive advertising campaign was launched by the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association (BAHK) to promote cryptocurrency education and awareness.

So when will Bitcoin be advertised in the streets of Paris ?